Basic Reiki for Beginners

I have often been asked about basic Reiki for beginners. What is it exactly and how can I get started are two of the most common questions I get asked. Learning Reiki is actually just a simple healing system that is easy to learn. To define Reiki, I often like to counter with the question, […]



How to Do Reiki on Yourself

You need not be a master to do Reiki on yourself. Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing treatment that uses the life force energy flowing around us. Reiki treatments have become a popular alternative when traditional medical treatments fail or as a healing therapy supplement. Increasingly, more and more hospitals across the national are offering […]



Doing Reiki at Home

Being able to perform Reiki at home is one of the primary benefits of this type of alternative-complementary medicine. Reiki is recognized by the US National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and is even practiced in hospitals and taught in universities. Performing a healing treatment either on yourself or on another is completely free […]