How Reiki Can Help Animals Be Healthier

Our animal companions are a beautiful gift to us, a gift of unconditional love. We desire to support their ongoing well being for many years of healthy living, exuberant play, and overall contentment.

By offering Reiki to our animal friends, we have a modality that releases energetic blockages held within the animal’s physical, mental and emotional bodies. Our animal companions can feel pain, sadness, and experience deep worry and concern, just as we do. Reiki’s ability to bring a deep relaxation to their body lets the body release toxins, both emotional and physical, and allows the body to facilitate its own healing process.

When the emotional, mental, and physical bodies are balanced and in harmony with each other, you have an animal in an enhanced state of wellbeing.

caregivers of these loving animals, we can offer Reiki Energy to them. This form of energy healing can assist the animals during an illness or injury. Reiki can also support them in dealing with life’s changes, emotional traumas, and their transition from this physical life.

One of the beautiful aspects of Reiki Energy is that it draws upon the Universal Life Force, God, or whatever word you may choose to use for a Higher Power. Combined with unconditional Love from the practitioner, this energy will flow to where it is needed anywhere within or around your companion.

Even with the benefits of Reiki, you should never forgo the traditional or holistic veterinary medical treatments.

Science has shown there is an inter-connectedness between the health of the body, mind, and spirit. Reiki fulfills the need to address the mind and spirit, while veterinary care fulfills the immediate needs of the physical body. Reiki can also amplify the healing affects of other energetic modalities such as massage therapy, acupuncture, homeopathic support, and many others.

Sending Reiki is a very simple process. It isn’t a religion, and doesn’t require a set belief system in order for it to be highly effective. You do not need to be psychic, gifted, or go through years of training.

Instead, you are attuned (or receive an initiation). With this initiation process, a Reiki Master/Teacher will teach you the principles of Reiki, and then place Sacred Symbols within your chakras (energy centers of your spiritual body) and in the palms of hands.

After the attunement, you simply send Reiki by intending to channel Reiki. You can place your hands on yourself, others, animals and even plants. Or you can intend to send Reiki long distance, across town, across the country or world, and even to the past, present, or future. The Reiki energy connection is not constrained by time and space.

The word “Reiki” means spiritually guided energy. Therefore this energy has an intelligence that will direct the energy to flow where needed, and you do not need to know about any physical anatomy. You are simply a channel for the energy to flow from the Universe to the subject. At no time do you use your own energy. In fact, as a channel for Reiki, you also personally receive the healing benefit of the Reiki energy.

When sending Reiki to animals you do need to be aware of animal body language. Many animals will gravitate towards you, knowing that you have a healing energy about you. But, you may find some animals whom have been abused and abandoned, may be resistive or hesitant at first. Animals who are in pain – potentially physical, mental, or emotional pain – may not want you to touch them. These sensitivities are not a problem since Reiki can be sent from a distance, whether a foot away from the animal, or across the world.

You will find that animals will respond in a variety of ways. Some may come up to you and present the area of the body where they desire you to place your hands. Some animals may be very sensitive to the energy, so they may lie down a foot or so from you, and you will feel them pull the energy from there. Some may walk away after a few seconds, but then come back a few minutes later, and stay a little longer. Then there are those animals who will want to comfortably lie in your arms and absorb all the Reiki energy they can possibly get. Your experience will be different with each animal, as each animal is unique.

Reiki, by nature of its intelligence and source, can do no harm. The only requirement to send Reiki is to first receive permission from the animal.

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