Getting Distant Healing Reiki Treatment

Distant healing or distant Reiki, can be sent remotely to you or someone you love.

There are no time nor space restrictions to distant Reiki. Healing can be sent to any place in the world, and to a different time.

Anyone can benefit from Reiki healing – You don’t have to be ill or severly injured to benefit from Reiki energy. Reiki goes where it’s most needed and rebalances you.

When healing energy or Reiki is send to another time or location, it is called Distant Reiki. The remote healing can be sent to you, someone you love, relationships, situations and events. It can be sent to any place in the world and to any time – there are no time nor space restrictions. Geographic or time distance between the Reiki practitioner’s healing session and the Reiki recipient has no effect on the quality of the healing.

All Reiki practitioners tell you Reiki supports recipients on all levels: the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual. However, they don’t always help you in interpreting this broad notion. I want to therefore give you some specific examples of how distant Reiki healing could benefit you.

Distant Reiki can benefit you under many, many circumstances.

  • First of all, you don’t have to be ill or severely injured to benefit. Anyone can benefit from Reiki. A Reiki session balances you, offering deep relaxation and harmony. As such, distant Reiki can be very comforting to receive during special situations, e.g. during vacations, dates, marriage proposals, or other situations that are special for you.
  • Reiki enhances memory & creativity. It calms the emotions & anxiety. Further, it brings harmony & clarity. These aspects makes distant Reiki an ideal stress support during taxing situations such as test exams, important business meetings, job interviews or auditions, public speaking engagements, court appearances, sport performances, and even the purchase of a new home.
  • Reiki eliminates bodily toxins. But it does not only clear on a physical level; Reiki has been said to help reduce the possibility of violent outcomes, such as in sports, and to spread a wave of peace amidst chaos.
  • On the physical plane, Reiki can ease pain. It supports traditional medicine, counteracting medical side-effects and bleeding. Reiki is known to speed up the healing recovery process when ill or hospitalized. Reiki can also reduce the trauma of surgery. It restores depleted energy. Distant Reiki or in-person treatment is therefore suitable before/after surgery, medical procedures or child delivery. Reiki comforts and brings peace to the terminally ill.

Receiving Distant Healing Treatment

Ideally, you have given your Reiki Master has a recent photo, your name plus your physical location.

It’s nice if you can meditate while receiving Distant Reiki. You may lay on bed or sit quietly. You will probably be aware of the energy through your body, and thoughts for your healing might come to mind. However, awareness and meditation is not a prerequisite for Reiki to succeed.

If you can not meditate at the agreed time, just go about your life while the Reiki healing is being sent to you. The distant healing treatment will arrive no matter what you are doing, and you will receive its benefits.

You only need to give permission and be open to receiving the distance healing for the healing to work. You don’t even need to believe in Reiki for it to work.

You may feel heat, tingling, coldness and/or have visual experiences during your distant healing session. All are normal. If you felt nothing, or if you fell asleep, it does not mean the treatment was unsuccessful. Rather, if nothing is felt that may mean that the healing energy was working on some issues other than physical, namely the emotional, mental or spiritual bodies as directed by your soul.

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