Reiki Distance Healing without Boundaries

The true power and unlimited potential of Reiki is realized when it is used for distance healing. The concept of healing through a distance is exactly as it sounds. A Reiki master or practitioner need not be in physical contact or proximity of the subject as the life force energy of Reiki lives in an abstract realm not bounded by physical realities. Whether you use a connection or distant symbol or not, Reiki distance healing can be performed quite effectively regardless of any aids.

The venerable Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki, taught his students to use photographs in place of the Taoist symbol of connection in order to focus the energy on the subject. The use of photographs as stand-ins for healing subjects is still used widely today for distant healing sessions and can be quite useful for practice and training.

In some teachings of modern Reiki today, photographs are not even required as the thought and intent of a Reiki master is enough to send healing energy a subject’s way. This is frequently seen in traditional Reiki sessions where a person comes to a facility to receive treatment. Even while the healer is chatting with the subject or not focused on the healing, heat is still emanating from his or her hands the entire time.

More proof that distance healing can be performed without a photograph can also be performed with a simple experiment. Any Reiki student having achieved at least level one can attempt distant healing to a Reiki sensitive individual. Should the healing-sensitive subject detect energy directed to his person, then support for the case that distance healing need not require a photograph or even focus for it to work.

Still, some students find that photographs are easier to use but in certain situations this may not be possible. In such cases, stand ins like stuffed animals are a great way to achieve the same effect. In fact, you can even carry them on your person as a constant reminder to yourself to send healing energy to each of your subjects. Another great method is to use a patient’s name. Simply write the name on the back of a business card and carry it without. A simple act of just touching the card is enough to channel the flow of healing energy directly at its intended recipient. More information like the subject’s location can also help. The important thing to understand about Reiki distance healing is that it flows in a higher realm that is not constrained by physicality and thus physicality is not needed to send it.

Things healing subjects often report as a result of distant healing these effects:

  • Peacefulness
  • Happiness
  • Calmness
  • Relaxation
  • Energy
  • Euphoria
  • Lightness
  • Heightened spirituality
  • Sighs of relief (emotional blockages being let go)
  • Bodily release of built up toxins

The main keys to Reiki distance healing are truly simple: first, your subject should have your permission to receive treatment; and secondly, you simply need to intend to heal your subject with or without a focal object.

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