Basic Reiki for Beginners

I have often been asked about basic Reiki for beginners. What is it exactly and how can I get started are two of the most common questions I get asked. Learning Reiki is actually just a simple healing system that is easy to learn. To define Reiki, I often like to counter with the question, what is the difference between life and death? The answer is usually the spirit or some form of life energy in another name. To that, I reply, “That is Reiki.”

The spirit or inner energy that we have in each one of us is actually an immense source of healing power that can be tapped into by the person who is properly attuned to use it. Reiki for beginners is an intuitive process and for that reason, it is recommended to let your intuition be your guide more than anything. If it feels right, then it is right.

To give a quick taste of Reiki for beginners, I usually like to start with a very basic healing method. Obviously, it is important to know a little bit of the background about Reiki and its core values to get the most out of this exercise.

Reiki originated from Japan but has spread to the rest of the world over the last century. It’s meaning in Japanese translates to “universal energy” and doing Reiki means channeling that energy to oneself or to another. Reiki is a healing art and not a religion, so no matter your religious beliefs Reiki can be accommodated. What’s unique about Reiki’s universal energy is that it is channeled simply by intent, allowing for the possibility of Reiki distance healing where the healer need not even be in physical proximity of the patient to have a healing session. While Reiki is being performed on you, you will often feel tingling and warm sensations over various parts of your body where energy is being concentrated.

Now for the beginner’s technique that will help you discover your inner Reiki aura:

  1. As a simple Reiki technique for beginners, simply start by stating to yourself “I am open to the universal energy of Reiki.” This immediately makes your mind and body receptive to Reiki energy. Find a quiet, restful room where you can meditate on this fact. As you meditate, breath slowing through your nose and inhale deeply, filling your stomach with air. Exhale by releasing the air from your stomach.
  2. After a few minutes of meditation, you should begin to feel relaxation flow through your body. Your mind will also be at ease and you fall into a meditative state. You may feel tingling, hot, or even cold sensations in your hand or crown chakra spots.
  3. At this point you are in what is called the alpha brain wave state when you are ready to start channeling Reiki for healing treatment. At this point you can use your hands over various parts of your body including your head, eyes, throat, chest, and abdomen to begin receiving healing benefits. You can also attempt this basic beginner’s Reiki on yourself or even on an animal.
  4. To wind back down, make sure you give your body some rest as your return to your normal, active state of mind. Your body will know how long the session should last as Reiki is a very intuitive healing art. Listen to your body and you will do no wrong.

This is basic Reiki for beginners that can and should be practiced over and over again as needed.

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  1. Melody

    So cool that you explained Reiki! I really wanted to understand it better.

    I’ve allowed a person to do Reiki on me, but I am not so sure that I felt anything. I did feel more relaxed, but was that from me simply relaxing? That was the question in my mind later ;-)

    I’ve been open to learning more and understanding this. Thanks so much for such a clear, simple beginner explanation.

    Interesting that you can learn to do it on yourself.

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