Doing Reiki at Home

Being able to perform Reiki at home is one of the primary benefits of this type of alternative-complementary medicine. Reiki is recognized by the US National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and is even practiced in hospitals and taught in universities. Performing a healing treatment either on yourself or on another is completely free and requires no expensive equipment or harmful drugs with devastating side effects. The practice of Reiki allows anyone to channel, control, and direct healing energy from anywhere to anyone.

The energy “ki” in “Reiki” is the life force that is known by many names and not just in Japan. The Chinese call it “chi” and in India this energy is known as “chakra.” There is scientific evidence that this energy exists and doctors and scientists are only beginning to understand the healing effects Reiki that has on the sick, ill, and the fulfillment of one’s life in general.

Wherever you live, there are bound to be Reiki schools or learning centers where you can go to receive training from a certified Reiki master. There are three levels of Reiki mastery and you are equipped to begin practicing Reiki at home as soon as you complete the first level. The second level covers advanced topics and techniques but Reiki I provides you enough knowledge to use Reiki for holistic healing immediately. Reiki III is for dedicated students who want to make the leap to master level awareness.

If there are no schools or workshops you can attend near your area, there are other alternatives. You don’t even need to have any prior experience to start doing Reiki at home. Plenty of Reiki training books are available at your local library which are free for you to check out so you can study on your own. You set the pace and schedule and you never have to worry about taking any tests or studying. Reiki mastery is all about embracing the principles laid forth by the original Reiki master Mikao Usui and learning how to control and use the healing energy force that is available all around you.

Generally, Reiki is taught in these stages:

  1. Attunement and First Teachings – feeling and experiencing Reiki
  2. Inner Teachings – learning to meditate and use Reiki symbols
  3. Advanced Teachings – distance healing, additional techniques
  4. Mastery – certification to become a Reiki master

There are also digital books that you can download if your library has no books on the subject. These are just as good as any published physical book and carry the added benefit in that you can read it on your computer, mobile device, tablet, or e-reader.

The true power of the web comes into full force with self-study courses so you can learn Reiki at home just like you would at a workshop. Some online courses even take it up a notch with videos taught by a certified Reiki master. The benefits of learning Reiki at home in this manner are convenience and cost. You get the same quality instruction as you would from a local center and it’s usually cheaper than a workshop or class. Some courses even teach you how to go from absolute beginner to full-fledged master complete with official certification so you can begin accepting Reiki students of your own.

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  1. reiki Miracle

    Reiki With Prayer and Visualization

    by Laura Ellen Gifford

    I would like to offer an additional perspective on the story my son, Matthew, shared in his article above.

    When Matthew came home from school the day he heard of the accident, he was deeply depressed.
    This was of great concern to me because he
    is always happy, and depression is just not a state of
    being I have ever been able to associate with him

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