Achieving Reiki Self Attunement

Reiki self attunement can be achieved even without a master Reiki practitioner.  You can achieve Reiki attunement on your own using energy that exists within you already.  With a few short and simple exercises, you can harness the healing power of Reiki without having to visit your local practitioner.

Reiki energy is universal and has no boundaries.  It flows within us and all around us.  Although people may be unaware of it, Reiki energy exists around them as well.  It is not necessary for you to have a religion nor is it bad that you don’t.  Healing touch medicine can be practiced by anyone regardless of their religious background.  Reiki self attunement is the process of submerging ourselves or connecting with the universal energy that surrounds us.  Reiki energy can be reached through spiritual meditation.  It is how Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, achieved Reiki self attunement while on Mount Kurama.

reiki self attunementThe benefits of Reiki self attunement are boundless.  What it does is it helps you obtain deep relaxation and eradicates tension and stress that builds up overtime within our bodies.  When this stress is finally released, your body is then able to restore its natural healing abilities.  Does Reiki work for a variety of ailments?  Yes, it has benefited those with insomnia, compromised immune systems, and even those undergoing cancer treatments.  Reiki self attunement balances energy throughout the body and promotes recovery.  This boost in energy helps those who suffer from illness from feeling lethargic and too tired to do anything.

Practicing Reiki on your own can be as effective as visiting with a practitioner.  All that is necessary is for you to alter your own consciousness.  If you can do this on your own, you can heal yourself at any given point in time or gather energy rapidly whenever needed.

Learning how to do Reiki on yourself is very simple and easy.  Reiki self attunement can be achieved through a few simple Reiki exercises.  Balance or unblock your chakra through:

  • White Light – Visualize a bright beam of crystal with white light traveling from it to your head.  Imagine the light as bright as you can.  Feel the light penetrating into the insides of your mind, clearing away all negativity and darkness from your crown chakra.  Allow the light to travel throughout the rest of your body eliminating all other negativity from the rest of the chakras.  Your chakras should be completely illuminated and perfectly balanced.
  • Breathing Colors – Imagine breathing in the color green as you take a deep breath.  When you exhale, imagine that it comes out as yellow.  Breathe in blue and breathe out orange.  Make sure you are taking deep breaths each time.  Breathe in purple with your breath and imagine it traveling throughout your cells and blood stream.  Lastly, breathe out red completely.  Continue this process another three times.

Practicing Reiki on yourself can be a challenge at first; however with a few sessions of it, you’ll find yourself capable of doing it effortlessly.  Discovering your Reiki aura opens up power and energy within the body that you were probably unaware of!  Reiki self attunement gives you the ability to heal yourself and the ability to possibly heal others.

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  1. Eric | Eden Journal

    Great info. I think many people don’t realize that you can self attune. I read a book about reiki and then decided to self attune. During my self attunement I felt the energy from the attunement process. Several months later I took an Reiki I class and was attuned by the instructor, but I really didn’t feel much for that instructor provided attunement. I’m happy to see you sharing this info on self attuning.

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