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Does Reiki Work Today

Are you wondering just how does Reiki work?  Lots of people have the same questions and doubts about Reiki and how effective its powers really are in healing.  It’s understandable that many people have reservations about whether it works or not, but perhaps a simple introduction to Reiki energy will clear that all up.

Energy medicine, healing touch therapy, or Reiki brings positivity into one’s life.  Its main focus is to heal oneself by healing and helping others.  Being attuned to Reiki force energy allows you to become much more aware of negativity or blockages in energy, whether it is in your own body, others around you, animals, and even plants.

How exactly does Reiki work?  Practicing Reiki allows you to channel and transfer energy from your own hands to heal another person.  For someone who has practiced Reiki for a long time, it is easier for them to pick out energy blockages present throughout your body and help clear them up for you.  This allows for the energy coursing throughout your body to flow freely and with greater ease.

Does Reiki work today?  In fact, it does.  It is very relevant to our lifestyle today.  For instance, it can be used to aid someone about to undergo surgery.  A Reiki practitioner can set the intent through Distant Healing for a successful operation and speedy recovery.

Another way in which Reiki can be utilized in our daily lives is by sending intent into the past or the future.  For example, if you find yourself stressed over an upcoming difficult meeting, you can set Reiki energy the night before the meeting so that it fills the room with positivity and harmony—easing your entrance into the meeting.  You can also send Reiki energy into the past to heal yourself from a once traumatic experience.  It is a powerful and effective way to help you cope with the past and the future.

Reiki is in other words, intelligent energy that works for the greater good.  It promotes harmony, positivity, and clarity in one’s life.  It can be applied to any setting, including the home or the office.  Does Reiki work on mending broken or damaged relationships?  Yes, it does.  The end results may be much unexpected!  However, it will always benefit both sides of the party.  Reiki aims for the highest good when it comes to healing oneself and others for that matter.

For those who still wonder whether Reiki does work or not, you’ll only find the answer to your question by trying it out for yourself.  You can even practice Reiki on yourself, at home, and even learn it through Reiki classes online.  Anyone can tap into the powers of Reiki.  It’s simple and very easy to do.  A Reiki master will aid you in attuning yourself to Reiki energy and its symbols.

Reiki has many different schools of thought that each have their own practices and routines, however they each maintain the three pillars of Reiki and are all equally effective.  Level one familiarizes you with the energy and a few symbols.  Level two is where Distance Healing is introduced.  Lastly, level three is the master level.

Your own experience with Reiki will be the only thing that will convince you of its effectiveness.  Does Reiki work, you’ll have to try it out for yourself first!

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  1. heena rawal

    i need reiki therapy i m very much depressed plz help me to overcome from this. I always feel very stress on my mind with negetive thoughts.

  2. heena rawal

    i need help

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